If the family garden and corners of the house hold no more secret hiding spots for you, it’s time to take the egg hunt to PowerPoint!

We have hidden a red egg behind one of the three picnic baskets in this slide. Click to download it and enable editing - and may the egg be in your basket! Here is a sneak peak of the slide:

We didn’t work any holiday magic, we promise. Just PowerPoint functionalities.

Leave your answer in the comments, either below this post or on LinkedIn. Tell us which basket holds the egg and how you know. We’ll reveal the right answer after Easter.

Good luck!

Egg hunt update

The Easter egg hunt is officially closed!

Congratulations to Sandy Perquin of maxeda DIY Group for revealing which basket holds the hidden egg! The correct basket it was hidden in was number 2.

Our solution is a bit more technical. The Selection Pane is one of PowerPoints’ own Easter eggs. Did you know of its existence? Once activated, it reveals all objects in the slide and allows you to easily reorder or even hide them from plain sight. This short video says it all:


There’s more to PowerPoint than you think. And, let’s face it, many of the slides you come across can look much better.

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