Digital sticky notes is a relatively unknown but very useful function in Microsoft Outlook. This article show how you best use the digital sticky notes in Outlook to work more efficient. Want to learn more awesome tips for Outlook? Check out the following articles:

Make note of it

Sticky note pads are a useful office tool to help you remember small pieces of information that may provide details necessary for you to complete your tasks. However, sticky notes have been digitalized and can now be used alongside in Outlook to support your e-mailing style.

Before you ask, sticky notes and e-mailing definitely do go hand in hand as they essentially set aside important information without interrupting your e-mailing workflow. Outlook’s digital sticky notes can make all the difference between having a busy day and having a productive and efficient day.

Stack your notes

Whether you are using Outlook online or the desktop application, you can create, manage, edit, and organize your e-mail notes without having to leave the program or pick up a pencil.

The Outlook desktop application

If you are using the Outlook desktop application and you want to take notes, you can do so by selecting the More options ellipsis from the bottom left of the pane and choosing Notes option from the menu.

This brings you to the notes window in which you can create new notes and mange (edit, categorize, or delete) existing notes, like the animation below demonstrates.

GIF: Outlook sticky note

Alternatively, if you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N from anywhere in the Outlook interface, you will create a new note that can be dragged and positioned anywhere on your screen. This is great for quick tasks that don’t need to be manually entered into your calendar.

Outlook sticky note in calendar

Outlook online

For Outlook online (, there is a dedicated Notes folder in your folders pane. To access it, you only need to sign-in to your Outlook account and select it from the Folder pane.

To create a new sticky note, click on the New Note button while in the Notes folder.

Note options in Outlook online

OneNote for Outlook

OneNote is one of the standard applications of the Microsoft Office suite and when used as an add-in for the Outlook desktop application, it allows you to do more in managing, organizing, and storing information for your to-do list, tasks, and notes, as it connects the email to the note.

If you are using a current version of the Outlook desktop application (2016 and 365), OneNote will automatically be integrated with it and can be found on the Ribbon, under the Home tab, in the Move group.

The image below shows the location of the OneNote add-in in Outlook.

Outlook Home tab from ribbon, OneNote

If you don’t see OneNote in your version of Outlook, you’ll need to activate the add-in.

However, we strongly encourage you to check with your administrator before installing the OneNote add-in. Additionally, as Outlook's Digital Sticky Notes are available through Outlook online and the desktop application, OneNote is not absolutely necessary to use to take notes.

Go paperless and add another note

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