Have you completed one of our trainings in Excel, PowerPoint or maybe Power BI and would you like to share your progress with the world? Read on!

Sometimes you’re doing our challenges just for the sheer joy of learning something new every day. However, sometimes you need to complete a course for a promotion, or a college application. Or maybe you’re about to land your dream job and need a symbol of your enhanced knowledge, gained at 5miles.

We’d like to help you to capitalize on your learning experience at 5miles through our brand-new 5miles certificates. A 5miles certificate can provide proof for an employer, university, or any other institution that you have successfully completed an online 5miles course.

How do I obtain my certificate?

When you complete a course or a track, you will obtain a 5miles certificate, which you can download, receive via email, or share on your LinkedIn profile. You can do this on the My certificates page (only for 5miles members), where you can find all certificates you have earned for completed courses and tracks.

- For each certificate you would like to obtain, click the PDF icon to download your certificate as a PDF file on your laptop.

- Clicking the email icon will send the certificate to your email address.

- If you click on the LinkedIn icon you could immediately show the world what you have learned by saving the certificate on your LinkedIn profile (more info on LinkedIn Certificates).

In this 2-min video I show you what this looks like in our tool.

Let us know what you think!

To assist in the process of obtaining your certificates, you can always drop us a line via the chat or email. Also, we’re very interested to hear what you think of the 5miles-certificates, so please share your thoughts by dropping a line at info@5miles.nl.

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