No one could have imagined the impact of COVID-19 on the world. 35% of Dutch employees grabbed the opportunity to work on their learning and development during the first lockdown. A clear growth was seen in online learning and learning interventions focused on mental and physical health. Will this continue in 2021? Check out an overview of the predicted 2021 trends below.

In case you haven't started online learning yet, read all about the benefits in the articles below:

  1. Working data-driven: There has been significant progress in Business Intelligence applications. They have become more intuitive and easily accessible for employees who do not work with them daily. Using these tools and learning programming languages will become more relevant in the upcoming years. Will 2021 be the year you dive into a tool such as Power BI or Python?
  2. Relevance of development: The best knowledge is the knowledge you can immediately put into practice. Increase the return on investment of your learning activities by asking yourself the following questions: ‘When am I satisfied with my skillset?’ and ‘How am I going to measure this?’. An assessment before or after your online training will support this as well. You’ll be even more motivated by seeing your progress, right?
  3. Advanced online and social training: The global shift to online working and learning will most likely continue in 2021. The demand in learning (interactive) presentations, breakout rooms, online discussion areas and video recording will increase. Moreover, there is a growing trend of social learning. Which entails not doing training individually but with your colleagues. Gamification is a suitable example of this. These interactions make learning more fun, and effective!
  4. Put effort into your soft skills: 2021 will show a growing demand in soft skills development. Besides training in mental and physical health, more effort will be put into improving empathy, clear communication, mutual feedback, and active listening. It is obviously important to keep your work-life balance and have a pleasant working environment.
Become more data-driven in 2021

Get the skills that matter

The engaging microlearning exercises by 5miles allow you the opportunity to improve your Power BI skills. Next to that, you can work on your communicative and collaboration skills with challenges on MS Teams, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Good luck with (further) improving your skills in 2021!