Your online learning journey

In your professional career, there are some basic skills that will help your workday to be as productive and efficient as possible. They also make you a valuable employee for your organization.

In finance and consultancy for example, you save plenty of time when you’re able to efficiently use tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, VBA or Teams, to name a few. Online learning can help you master these skills.

Based on research at 5miles, nine out of ten starting professionals in financial and business services find their development more important than aiming for a high salary. Almost half (46 percent) of the financial professionals want to develop their skills. While 40 percent is given the opportunity to follow training courses, in reality they have little time to develop necessary skills.

In this article, we discuss why 5miles offers a solution for financial professionals that are eager to develop their skills without trading their valuable time.

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What is online learning at 5miles?

At 5miles, you are able to learn by doing in only 5 minutes a day. Each day, you are presented with a short challenge based on real-life data. Instead of boring videos you’ll encounter engaging learning exercises in which you try out different functionalities.

You will quickly find your way in the tool whilst also broadening your knowledge about the business cases presented to you. After all, we believe that learning is most effective when you really challenge yourself to find an answer.

Learning is most effective when you really challenge yourself to find an answer.

Also, there’s no need to show up for class – you decide yourself what, when and how you learn. Our 5minute learnings are always accessible, whether you do a challenge every day or spend an hour each week to do 10.

Our most popular trainings are those of Excel, Power BI, PowerPoint and Teams. We are constantly evolving and adding new subjects. One of our newest trainings for example is the Pyramid Principle, a McKinsey method that helps you structure and prepare for a presentation.

At 5miles, you can learn more than data skills: you will also learn how to put them into practice and present them to a wider audience.

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Why is online learning important?

Disruptive innovations and new technologies constantly change the way we work. This means that regularly, new skills are required. Many organizations stay behind as they haven’t yet fully grasped the importance of constant learning. All the while skill gaps within companies have a huge impact on the organization’s effectiveness.

Organizations shouldn’t forget that a skilled employee is a happy employee and, because of the opportunities presented for growth, also someone who finds happiness in self-development and goal setting.

How to get the most out of your online learning, fast

1. It’s all about the challenge

Learning is most effective when you try new things yourself instead of simply following steps. At 5miles, you are challenged to play around in different datasets and figure things out yourself. This way we encourage you to learn new things.

2. Make sure the content is relevant for you

Remember that one time you learned something but never got to use the newly acquired skills? Yep, we know the frustration. 5miles is set-up in such a way that you decide which skills are relevant for you. All the skills involved in the challenges can be used directly in your daily work.

3. You are in control

Only sit down to learn something new when you can make the time for it. This way, learning stays fun and motivating. At 5miles you can set your own preferences with the click of a button.

Embrace the change

The world is changing fast. To embrace the change and move with it, we are all asked to keep learning new skills. At 5miles, we understand that in the busy, ever-changing, technological world, we hardly get a chance to improve our skillset. This is why we offer a solution – in which you are in control.


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